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Kaloom Software Defined Fabric - Product Overview

Kaloom is delivering an innovative automated data center fabric, Kaloom Software Defined Fabric (SDF). Kaloom SDF is an industrialized software solution for networking white boxes from Accton and Delta. Kaloom SDF is designed for hyperscale, as well as distributed datacenters, and targeted to clients in the Data Center Operator (DCO), Telco, Enterprise, Cloud and Gaming industries. The programmable fabric enables developers to drive innovation and allows customers to add new services and features into Kaloom SDF. The flexible fabric architecture presents an adaptable, high-performance, low latency multi-datacenter fabric, specifically designed to satisfy the current and future challenges of increasing network workload demands at scale.

Kaloom SDF is a programmable data center fabric capable of running several virtual data-centers with different network services at scale, thus fulfilling the vision of a true customizable SDN environment. The solution offers integrated routing and switching, while providing customers with the opportunity to program new features and services in-house. Its programmability enables developers to develop new code and drive innovation. The programmable fabric avoids vendor lock-in and eliminates the need to wait for silicon upgrades.

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Finding the Perfect Balance of Performance, Flexibility and Cost Efficiency with the Right Data Center Fabric

RedFig Networks is proud to be a Kaloom partner; with the Kaloom Software Defined Fabric (SDF), Barefoot Networks Tofino and RedFig Networks services and support we are able to offer a full end to end Programable IP Fabric solution with 24/7 software and hardware support. Find out how the Kaloom Software Defined Fabric can help you save 20% on power consumption in your Data Centre by using vSwitch offload and release CPU cores for other applications.

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