RedFig Networks and Kaloom Solution Enables Edge Based Services Delivery for Australasian Market

Melbourne and Montreal, (May 11, 2021) – RedFig Networks and Kaloom today announced a regional collaboration in the Australasian market to help service providers reduce costs and complexity to build out 5G edge and cloud-native infrastructure. The collaboration brings to market a programmable fabric solution for Hybrid Cloud Edge architecture, complete with network slicing for multi-tenant, multi-service with secure customer segregation.

“Our goal is to bring down costs per connected device, per gigabit of traffic, as well as labor costs to deploy and manage distributed Cloud Edge networks with reduced complexity. By collaborating with RedFig Networks we can offer a truly multi-vendor and interoperable solution for regional customers, accelerating their time to market, innovate new services and grow revenue,” said Hitendra Soni, SVP worldwide sales and marketing, Kaloom.

Kaloom’s Unified Edge solution is a scalable, cloud-native networking platform for the distributed edge. It addresses the high costs and limited performance of existing server-based solutions by offloading networking services to highly performant switches, to achieve data plane optimization and free-up server resources to deliver monetizable application services. This enables operators to drastically reduce infrastructure costs and rapidly develop and scale new use-cases and revenue streams.

RedFig’s extensive experience in product integration and support brings P4-based technologies to market. RedFig has been working with the Intel (previously Barefoot) group on P4 application development for more than four years, taking advantage of the innovation in programmable chipsets for carrier and large-scale data centre demands. This offers telcos and other customers greater scalability and flexibility, using low-cost hardware to support their capital investment into the next generation of network infrastructure needs.

“We are proud to be the first in the region offering multi-vendor industry solutions standardizing on P4 cloud technologies, which are fundamentally reshaping the way the industry designs and deploys communications infrastructure and services. This allows our clients to increase their ability to meet the demands of edge computing, while significantly driving down operational and infrastructure costs,” said Jim Maniatis, Chief Operating Officer, RedFig Networks.

Addressing the unique dispersed population challenges faced by the Australasian telco market

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian and New Zealand-based communications service providers (CSPs) are looking for solutions to quickly deploy and monetize 5G networks and differentiate their services. A Hybrid Cloud Edge network creates a robust ecosystem that helps service providers overcome significant challenges as they accelerate time to market with new, innovative and differentiated services at the edge. Faced with the need to construct 5G network infrastructure over large distances for limited populations, the cost to bring connectivity highlights the need to build out the edge and monetize new services.

Kaloom’s Cloud Edge Fabric™ software product is the first fully programmable and automated data center network fabric with built-in support for network slicing. It runs in a containerized environment, leveraging Open Compute Project (OCP) accepted, industry standard P4 programmable white box switches, and incorporates a fully featured, multi-tenant virtual fabric, vRouter, vSwitch, supporting all required protocols in delivering secure network slicing functionality down to the core, combined with 10x performance improvement with (1/100)x latency. The platform is fully integrated with the Red Hat OpenShift container orchestration platform for network, compute, and storage resources. Operators can activate add-on services and features like highly scalable multi-terabit per second 5G User Plane Function (UPF) without needing forklift upgrades or the “truck roll”, further reducing CAPEX and OPEX in delivering incremental services.

RedFig’s deep technical knowhow across the P4 platform environment, along with demonstrated capability to productise, deploy and support carrier-level network solutions in the region, gives the collaboration of the two companies a unique edge to enable the market to take immediate advantage of these innovative network solutions.

The collaboration is backed by industry leading technology partners Intel, Red Hat, IBM and Lenovo for GTM.

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RedFig Networks is a leading in-market Systems Integration and SaaS Engagement Partner in Australasia. With distinctive understanding and access to Australian-based telecommunications and networks market operators, RedFig leverages innovative technologies and capabilities to deliver next-level client solutions. The high-calibre RedFig team brings creative ideas to life through known and new technology capabilities combined with an innovative mindset, to deliver value-creation solutions for large network operators. For additional information visit

About KaloomTM

Kaloom is delivering a fully programmable and automated cloud-native edge center networking software solution that will disrupt how distributed cloud edge and data center networks are built, managed and operated by telecom, fixed and mobile operators, data center and cloud service providers. Kaloom comprises technology veterans with proven track records of delivering large-scale networking, analytics, and AI-based solutions for the world’s largest networks. Kaloom is based in the Quartier de l’Innovation in Montréal, Quebec. For additional information visit