RedFig Canopus Joint Statement

It’s rare to find a partner that compliments you perfectly. Fortunately, that’s what’s happened in the recent collaboration between Melbourne’s RedFig Networks and Sydney’s Canopus Networks.

Backed by UK institutional investors, Canopus are market-leading innovators in software defined AI classification, taking advantage of the breakthroughs in P4 technologies, allowing their clients to gain deep visibility into their network traffic.

In turn, RedFig’s extensive expertise in operationalising and bringing such P4-based technologies to market has led to the perfect match – a meeting of the minds, technologies and expertise.

The partnership will result in a scalable product that enables the world’s biggest telecommunications and application providers to gain deep insights into how their networks are operating, where problems might be occurring, and provides the opportunity for them to intervene.

What does this mean in the real world? First, massively improved user experience, especially for the gaming community. Second, huge cost savings for telecommunications operators.

“When someone who has blurry vision puts on their glasses, they can see much more clearly. That’s the same role Canopus plays in network diagnostics. The reality is that no entity has visibility across domains, which makes it really difficult to diagnose and solve problems. This ultimately results in frustration for the end user,” said Vijay Sivaraman, Co-Founder & CEO of Canopus Networks.

“But most importantly it also results in reputational damage and loss of revenue for telecommunications and application providers. Our P4-based AI network analytics product allows our clients to mitigate these losses by diagnosing exactly where a problem is occurring, allowing them to take meaningful action to rectify issues,” Professor Sivaraman said.

The collaboration is a great example of two proudly Australian, world-leading innovators teaming up to plug a gap in the market. As a pure software company, Canopus has partnered with RedFig to leverage their operational excellence and deep P4 capability in bringing the offering and capability to market.

“We’re really excited to partner with Canopus to help operationalise their AI analytics offering through our collected and deep P4 capability,” said Peter Maniatis, CEO and Joint Managing Director of RedFig Networks.

“Our collaboration will result in a single product that can be deployed by any major telco, ISP or gaming provider in the world, which is an endorsement of practical innovation and is just really exciting,” Mr Maniatis said.