Packet Engine Technology

Packet Engine

Terabit Scale Packet Analysis

RedFig Network's Packet Engine™ technology provides real-time network traffic analysis at terabit scales. Uniquely suited for ISP, carrier and data centre scale deployments Packet Engine™ has 100x the throughput of competing solutions at 1/10th the price.

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Packet Engine Applications

Multiple Applications

Packet Engine™ technology has multiple applications. These include identification of web applications running on your network such as Netflix or YouTube; capturing and analyzing customer experience data from across the entire network; providing service assurance and baselining subscriber links; capturing subscriber traffic for diagnostics; producing data sets for traffic forecasting and modeling; visibility of network traffic down to the packet level; real-time packet, protocol and flow statistics; legal interception of subscribers and Internet services; and many more!

Massive Scale

Each Packet Engine™ Edge device provides 3.0Tbps of throughput with no limit to the number of concurrent flows. Data is input via up to 120x ports per Edge device at port speeds up to 100G. Multiple Edge devices can be combined in clusters, and collections of clusters can scale-out to process petabits of data each second.

Packet Engine Economical

Simply Economical

RedFig Network's Packet Engine™ does all this at 1/10th the price of competing solutions using commodity hardware and generic optics.

Our licensing model means you can afford to deploy Packet Engine™ across your entire network without having to worry about bandwidth usage growth or port counts.

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